How it works

Step 1 - Say "hello" at

Our producers and creators will take a look at what you/your team have come up with (i.e.; timeline, creatives, resources needed, etc)
It's totally cool if you don't have a creative concept on hand, we can cook that stuff up for you

Step 2 - Concept & Cost

A creative treatment is drafted.
Typically, a treatment is one page, outlining what we plan to do creatively and how the final product should look and feel. We also work from creative treatments provided by clients
Pricing varies per each production with pricing plans available
Completion of a project (start to finish) averages 4-12 weeks (rush jobs available). We cover;

STEP 3 - Production

Scripts & Concepts
Professional Crew Hiring
All gear, camera, and production necessities
Animation & Editing
Color Correction

Thank you for checking us out! Drop us a line with a little bit about your project and we'll be sure to reply sooner than later. Oh... we almost forgot please like our social media with us.